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Efficiency & Dedicaction

WCP provides cutting-edge fulfillment technologies and services that will make your business more efficient and profitable while helping your brand stand out from the crowd.


Pick Pack & Ship

​Send products Directly to your clients

  • Fullfillment Services

  • inventory Online

  • Unlimited Shipping Address to ALL Brasil

  • Stock Managenet

  • The best cost for your shipping

  • Efficiency

  • Speed

  • Customer Service 5 days a week. 8 hours/day


Let World Class Parcel take care of getting your parcels to your customers.


Personalized service

World Class Parcel gives to their clients the best tools possible for building a successful eCommerce operation.


Our fully managed and operated warehouses, expert management, and powerful real-time technology lets you focus on fast growth without the stress. 


We offer fast, efficient and customer-focused service, with tailored and fully customized solutions.



  • Pick & Pack

  • Cost Effective

  • Flexible Shipping

  • Powerfull Software

  • Customs Packing 

  • Various Shipping options

  • Personalized customer service

  • Inventory

  • wholesale Distribution Services

What We Offer

  1. Integration with Correios Tracking

  2. Modern and Friendly Customer Panel

  3. FA Warehouse Facility

  4. Insurance Option

  5. Automatic Suites

  6. Returns Management

  7. Personalized customer service

  8. 2 Flights per week

  9. Designated TSA - IAC

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