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We help you to set up a more efficient, scalable Ecommerce infrastructure. 

World Class Parcel About us

About us

With over 25 years in the market, World Class Solutions acts as an International Freight Forwarder, with all the export licenses required by the US to work directly with international airlines, providing the service to the largest courier companies in Latin America.


World Class Parcel was founded by a team of long-time Freight Forwardes and logistics professionals who believe retailers should be able to trust their fulfillment partners as much as their in-house team.

Focusing on a handful of strategic location that are fully operated by World Class Parcel employees. This decision, coupled with our collective industry knowledge, lets us provide customers with unmatched guidance and confidence as they set up a more efficient, scalable FULFILLMENT & INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING infrastructure.

Our Purpose

We have a strong purpose behind why we started  World Class Parcel. With the export experience we've gained since our inception in 2009, we wanted to offer better and faster service than Correios, at rates that could attract a broader customer base from those trying to enter a new and profitable market.


Over time, we expand our purpose. We've learned that if you create cost-effective opportunities for your customers, communicate fearlessly with them, and focus on results, they'll come back for more.

World Class Parcel our purpose

International experience meets local Bussiness

Combining our international experience with the local knowledge of our partners, World Class Parcels is the ultimate Import solutions for LATAM.

Through our network, we work with the national postal operators, which allows us to deliver in all regions of  all countries in South America with a reliable, profitable and fast service .


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